Who We Are

Wayfinders is an educational, non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization specializing in corporate and community wellness programs. It was founded in 1986 under the direct supervision of Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha, and all instructors have been selected and trained by him. Most instructors hold master’s or doctoral degrees in their fields.

Wayfinders focuses on stress mastery, self-knowledge, and self-development, emphasizing learning through direct experience. All aspects of our being --- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are addressed in each of the varied programs. Both linear (intellectual) and non-linear approaches such as movement, music, stories, poetry and art are utilized to awaken and enliven all elements.

People from all ethnic, religious, racial, and socio-economic groups are welcome and enjoy a perspective not bound to a specific time, belief, or space.

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Sacramento, CA